Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Attracting Attention.......

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
and now you say Coach Amy, I'm with a flock of other girls, how are the guys going to notice me?

This is true. Girls go out with other girls. A gaggle of them. Anywhere from 5 to 10.
The goal is to look different. You must make yourself stick out from the pack.
I know that this scares some girls to death. They want no more than to blend in.
But if you spend you life blending, you Mr. Right may never notice you.

Men love it when you give them a reason to come talk to you. A great reason to talk is something about your outfit. So make yourself stand out with your clothes for starters.
You need a couple of staple outfits that are sure to get you noticed.
If you know that certain items in your wardrobe drum up a lot of attention, then wear them often.
Now, I don't mean party girl clothes because as I often say if you look like a party girl, that is how you will be treated. We dress for the role we want.
Try some new styles that are a little unusual & see what kind of reaction you get.

Women are constantly copying each other & want to look like celebrities. They follow trends and replicate images they see.
This is a big no no in the dating world. You want to stand out from the pack. You want the guys to notice you instead of the other 10 girls you are with.
You do not want to blend in & if you are all dressed like the celeb you saw in the magazine, you are going to look alike.

In order to stand out, you do not have to be more attractive than everyone else.
Don't shy away from something that makes you different. Embrace it!

Remember, fitting in & looking like everyone else is boring.
And who wants boring day in & day out?

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