Thursday, September 23, 2010

Circle the Drain

Thursday, September 23, 2010
I've been planning this blog post for a month now. Thinking it over in my head. I never write out blogs posts beforehand. I always just sit down and type.
Maybe not always a smart move, but it's me.

I want to talk about the fact that I've been Scott-Free for 1 year this month.
Anyone who knows me knows exactly what I am talking about & knows what a HUGE accomplishment this is.

I was in an on again/off again relationship with a not so great for me guy for 12 years of my adult life.
It started when I was 18.
As I look back, I was so smitten.
I loved that boy with every ounce of my being. Would have gone to hell & back.
Maybe I did.

So that was the song back in the day. Yup, explained exactly how I felt. O yea, it came out on the Coyote Ugly Soundtrack. I am not saying it isn't old. I am saying I am not old.

So This guy was 24 when we officially started dating & I was 21. I spent the prior 3 yrs running from him. I must have known he was trouble, right. But I was in love from the get go.

And I still love him. I am not in love with him.

He is an alcoholic and a few other things, but I will not air that dirty laundry. I am not sure how I came to feel so responsible for him. I know that I felt we were soul mates. He never told me that. He did tell me he loved me & I believe he the best of his ability. Alcoholics are manipulative. I could not see that then. They are also co-dependent. I also could not see that then. When I was 21, this relationship was fun. Then I grew up.

Once I had a child, this relationship wasn't so ok anymore. I still participated in it though. Especially that summer, but I'm not going to get into all the gory details.

Now onto the next song.

And that just about sums up how I feel now.

And I credit life coaching for helping me walk away a year ago. I did it in steps.

I am now able to allow new guys into my life and actually contemplate new relationships where before that wouldn't have even entered my mind.

Imagine 12 years of maybe going on a couple of dates with a guy but not really committing yourself to them because you were committed to a guy who was more committed to alcohol than you. Not fun. He once was dating 2 other girls at the same time as me & I discovered it. I quit talking to him for a week before he showed up on my porch & weaseled his way back in.

I can see it all quite clearly....NOW.

Do you know why I write all this? Because I want you, my readers to realize I am a real person. I have been through crap just like you. Maybe you and I have been in similar situations. I can relate to what you are going through.

I am this girl. I have been there, done that. I want to help you get to where you want to be. I had someone help me get away. Sometimes it's too hard to do it on your own.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Is today my lucky day?

Monday, September 20, 2010
It is my birthday.
I'm turning 29 today....shhhhh

I did a guest post about life coaching on PhitZones blog & he posted it today of all days!!
Awesome, right!

Then I am listed as a top story on the reneeporsia Daily!
So it has to be my lucky day, right??


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Thursday, September 16, 2010
So 2 days ago I got some Reiki on.
And now you are saying you did what Amy??
Let me give you some background.
I met a wonderful person on Facebook, Jess is her name.
Here is her profile.

She does Reiki. Friend her. She's pretty great.

Now according to wikipedia the definition of reiki is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing as a form of complementary and alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional bodies. Through the use of this technique, practitioners believe that they are transferring healing energy in the form of ki through the palms.

And here is my experience with it.

Jess told me to go lay down somewhere where it was quiet. No distractions. I

turned the computer volume down and the cell phone to silent.

Went to the bedroom and laid on the bed.

At times I felt some heaviness. Like it was coming down on me. I had no clue

how long to lay there. Usually Reiki is done in person, I believe, but Jess does it

long distance too. I felt at peace. I laid there for a good 15 minutes after she

was done. I almost fell asleep.

Afterwards when I got up, Jess said she could tell I was emotionally drained,

which I am.

She also asked about my heart. I've recently had a broken heart. she did not

know this.

She said she felt a heavy heart.

She told me I may feel emotional & I said I was already emotional so it would

just blend.

However the next morning, which was yesterday, I was just plum exhausted.

When I returned home from dropping my daughter off from school I fell back

asleep and slept until after 11am. Jess said that my body was doing what it

needed to do.

I think Reiki is awesome!

I think everyone should experience this.

Believe a little.


Friday, September 3, 2010


Friday, September 3, 2010
August marked an important anniversary for me. It has been 1 year since my life crisis that catapulted me into life coaching & the life I am now living.

Most people around me know nothing about this life crisis.
Last August while my daughter was in Florida without me, I suddenly & violently almost, realized I was incredibly unhappy.
And I did not know what to do about it.
I didn't know how to fix it, what I wanted to do instead of what I was doing, or where to go from there. I couldn't stop crying. Then came the drinking. I was drunk a lot of nights while my daughter was gone. I am not afraid to admit it or tell you all about it. I was lost. Did not know what to do. I just knew I was unhappy & I wanted it to change.

I quickly found life coaching and new it was for me.
Coaching has helped me to have another anniversary that I will be celebrating in September. Don't worry, I will blog about it too.

Through life coaching, I have learned how to be a better person. I have remained positive for the most part throughout this past year. I know that sometimes you have to take a step back & evaluate situations & decide whether or not it's even worth your time & energy. I used to waste a lot of energy.

Now I am creating a program to train life coaches myself. I am so grateful for life coaching & how it has changed my life. I want to give back & help others.