Sunday, August 22, 2010

Online grooming~~ How a predator picks their victims

Sunday, August 22, 2010
An online predator goes online & searches until he sees a potential victim who fits his age, gender, & other preferences. These will vary from predator to predator.
The predator begins to gather info about the potential victim.
This is how he/she bonds with the victim. They find out what they like & dislike, what kind of home life they have.

Predator will look at the child's demeanor, personality, dress, & financial status.
They are looking for the child's interests & vulnerabilities at the same time.

Now this process doesn't occur over night. It usually goes on for months.
Predators prefer children of a single mom. Think about it...the mom usually has to work which means the child is home alone if old enough. They have more time to play around online without interruption.

Predators are skilled at knowing the emotional & physical needs of children.
And they prey on these needs.

As I've stated before, teens are vulnerable emotionally. A predator talks to them like a friend. Consoling them, agreeing with them. Makes the child identify with the predator & creates the bond.
The predator begins to talk to them more & more. Emailing. Possibly texting.
They sometimes wait a bit before introducing sexual stuff in the conversation.
But there are always those who jump right in.

Sometimes even if the child doesn't feel comfortable with this type of talk, they go along with it because they do not want to lose this new friendship with this person who supposedly completely understands them.

If your child doesn't have a webcam, the predator may purchase one for them & mail it over. Be on the lookout for this. Prohibit webcams.
Stress to your child that once you email, post, or text a photo of yourself, it's out there & you can never get it back.
Kids do not always get that. They think that whoever they are sending that picture to would never share it. Well, these predators will! It will show up online somewhere you do not want it & may never know it's there most likely.

The predator may start sending gifts too. Be on the lookout for this as well.
Could mean your child has already started sending pics, but could just be a way for the predator to better bond with your child.
They are weaseling their way in by buying your child.

This is the beginning of the process and if you keep your eyes open, you can see it happening.

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