Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have a passion

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Your passions stir your actions!

I've mentioned I have 2 Bachelor degrees, 1 in Social Work & 1 in Psychology.
I have always known that I am a "helper"
That is my goal in life, to help as many people as I can.

When I found Zoe & Katapult Enterprises, I just knew that I was meant to be a life coach & was meant to work with Zoe.
Life coaching is another way for me to help.

I interned at the Child Advocacy Center local to me so I have seen a lot of heartache. I know what is feels like to ache for others.

I am a single mom. It hasn't always been a pleasant ride for me. I built a support system & was able to make it.

Maybe I have walked in your shoes.........

email me, I can help.


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