Saturday, November 28, 2009

so...I talk to myself, so what???

Saturday, November 28, 2009
Yup, I admit it. I talk to myself. Daily. More than once a day.

Does that make me crazy??

Affirmations are positive statements about how you want your life to be written in present tense.

Just positive statements that you say to yourself.
You need to say them at least once a day, preferably right directly after you wake in the morning.
What you are attempting to do is take the negative thoughts you already think over & over everyday & replace them with positive affirmations.
Negative attracts negative & positive attracts positive.
Simple, right?

Well, I started doing this not very long ago. It was suggested to me by Zoe at Katapult which I am sure you all know by now is my Life Coach & she trained me to be a life coach as well. She is just great & I think the world of her.

So I wrote a few affirmations down on a piece of paper & taped them to the bathroom mirror. My bathroom mirror is huge so I have room, you may not. I definitely recommend writing them down & hanging them in your bathroom though.
Think about it. How many times a day do you visit the bathroom? Exactly.

So I say my affirmations everytime I am in the bathroom, basically.
I read them out loud, say them in my head. Sometimes I repeat some of them.

Up to you how you do it, but I recommend saying them out loud at least once a day. First thing in the morning is best because it puts you in a positive state of mind.
Now my first affirmation list started with 3 or 4 affirmations. Then I read some money magnet affirmations & added a few of them to my list. About a week later, I received a check in the mail. Out of the blue, completely unexpected. I was extremely excited & a true believer!

So now you give it a try.
If you would like help coming up with some affirmation, feel free to message me.

Here are a few examples:
I am a money magnet
Life is eternal & filled with joy.
I let go of the past & use it only for its positive lessons.
I change the world around me by changing myself.
I am now open to receive.
I have unlimited abundance.

I have tons more where those came from.
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