Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bad days

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
we all have them....
as I write this, I have a doossyy
My head is still spinning actually.

I got up this morning, woke up the grouchy kid, got her out the door to take her to school to discover my tire was way low.
I drove her to school then went straight to the gas station & put air in the tire.
Then I went back home.
It's a cold & wet/rainy day. May snow tonight.
I had an appointment at 1pm about 30min from my home about my daughter's ADHD.
About 11am I went to the bank to cash a check & my tire was low again.
Well, by this time, I did not have enough time to get the tire checked out before I had to leave for my apt with my daughter's doctor so I went to Walmart & got some fix a flat.
The tire was losing air very quickly.
I put the fix a flat in & put more air in it & headed out of town.
When I got to my destination, I put more air in my tire & more fix a flat too, & got gas. Then I headed to the doctors office.
Well, the tire was extremely low when I got to the office.
I started thinking this is not good.
I tried to call my brother to see if he could come change my tire. Called my sister to have her try him & to see if there was anywhere in this town that would change it. I knew that I would be at the appointment for at least an hour.
Well, I was there over that amount of time. When I came out, the tire was flat. I knew there was a gas station right down the road, so I headed there. No air pressure hose, so I headed further down the road. They had a mechanic there & they told me I couldn't drive on the tire & they could not fix it either.
I told the guy, "I didn't ask you to fix it, I asked you to change it."
Yeah, by this point I was not in a good mood.

It was now 2:30pm & I had to pick up my daughter at 3pm from school & I was already 30 min away. The guy said it would be 20-30 min before he could do it. Ugh!
So I said, what choice do I have.
He took my keys & I got on my phone.
Called my mom who didn't answer.
Called my grandma who didn't answer.
Mom called back & I said can you pick Bailey up. She said no she was in Marion. I explained & she said she would go, but she was just as far away as I was.

Anyway, he finally fixed my car & I got on the road & got to pick up my kid because I am quicker than my mother. Guess that is the benefit of driving an Eclipse.

When I walked up to the school, I could see through the doors where Bailey was sitting on a bench. She looked so sad. As I approached, they opened the doors & she ran out into my arms & all my tension melted away. She didn't care that I was 20 minutes late. She was just happy that I showed up. I told her I was sorry, that I had a flat tire & had to get it fixed. I showed her my funny tire on my car & it was all good.
Then I took her to the milk store & let my ADHD child buy extra chocolate.
I know, bad mommy. Guilt.

Anyway, I am writing this to let you know that I am human too.
I have bad days, just like you. I have slip ups where I don't feel so positive & I don't want to think positively, but you have to rise above it & think ahead & beyond the negative in the present. It will get better.
You are in control of your situation.
It is what you make of it.
My daughter made me realize my situation was not all that bad today.
I hope this helps someone.


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