Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tips for a Good 1st Date.....

Thursday, December 24, 2009
1. Think Positively~ think about your wonderful attributes & not your faults. Take inventory of your skills, values, talents, interests, & heart. Leave all negative thoughts at home. You are absolutely wonderful & he's a fool if he doesn't realize it.

2. Keep Expectations in Check~ Do not start imagining yourself at the alter with your date. Do not jump the gun.

3. Dress Appropriately~ Be presentable, neat, well-groomed & in casual dress clothes. Strive to look like the girl next door & someone who would be proper to bring home to mom.

4. Pick a Quiet Place to Talk~ coffee shop or bookstores are good. Do not get involved in a meal because then paying may become an issue. No movies.

5. 1-2 hours tops~ the purpose is to get a feel for the person. Do not drag the date on. Leave something to the imagination.

There are 10 tips in all.......
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