Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what do I say??

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Last week my world was turned upside down by the very thing I am constantly talking to you about.
Yes, I am talking about a guy.

I was happy and it was suddenly and shockingly ripped from me.
And I did things that I tell other females not to.
I acted rashly.
I didn't allow myself to back away from the situation and look at the big picture.
I was not going to die, but I sure felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest.

I allowed this guy into my life. Allowed myself to care for him. Allowed him into my heart. Allowed myself to feel for him.....then he bailed on me.
Typical story, right?
All I could think was why did I do this to myself...
I wasn't given reasons or explanations. I was confused and hurt.

Well, I'm here to say it's been a week & I've bounced back.
I want to be honest with the people who read my blog & the people who follow me, the people who care about what I have to say.
I have been through this stuff too.
I know what it feels like and it doesn't feel good.

Now I know that I will go on. I still want him. But I have plans for my future. I still care about him that hasn't changed.
However, now is time for me. I must take this time to focus on me and my future. My business & what I plan for my future.
I am strong. I shall survive.


SPARK, Inc. said...

So you took a chance on love...don't we all? Life happens and love is a choice. Don't give up. My husband is an amazing man that is with an amazing woman that has all kinds of issues. Yes, I was independent for many years and I will admit, I have issues. Don't beat yourself up for feeling what is already hardwired inside of, want and acceptance. Love will come.

TweetGratitude said...

Going through the same after four years together. Try to turn your pain into something positive. For me, it's this experiment in positive psychology and giving thanks for the blessings I still have. Some days are still downright awful, but it's helped! Best of luck!

amy said...

Thank's still hard, but I am coping. Doing my best at what I do.

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