Monday, July 5, 2010

To stay or not to stay....

Monday, July 5, 2010
Are you in a relationship & you are trying to figure out if you should stay or leave it behind?
There is no magic formula for whether one should stay or go.
It is an individual decision that should not be taken lightly.

You should not stay in something only because you are afraid of being alone.
You should not commit to someone because you are afraid you will never find anyone else.

Every relationship is going to have its up & downs.

If two people are committed to making things work & they still love each other as partners & friends, they have a great chance of growing as a couple.

It is up to you to decide though.

Are you or are you not currently happy in your relationship?
Is your partner also dissatisfied?
Are you constantly looking to your partner to make you happy?
Remember that just because you aren't happy doesn't mean there's anything critically wrong in your relationship. You could be blaming your partner for your unhappiness, when you need to take responsibility for creating your own happiness.
On the flipside, there could be fundamental problems that need to be addressed.
If you have been unhappy for awhile & your partner isn't intersted in working to improve the relationship, it may be time for you to explore your options.

If there are fundamental problems, have you sought out help?
If you still care for your partner, don't throw in the towel before you have given it your all.
No matter the final outcome, you will feel at peace that you gave it your best effort.

Do not let fear be the decision maker.
If you are extremely unhappy in a relationship & you have tried several methods of reconciliation, then it may be time to take a break.
So many people assume it is a black or white issue, meaning you either stay together or completely break up.
There's always a gray area to explore if you choose.
Temporarily separate in order to rethink your options & see how it feels to be aloen.

Each & every one of you is stronger than you may think.

Make sure you either leave for the right reasons or stay for the right reasons.

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