Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Put on a Happy Face

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
A smile makes people feel welcome and comfortable!
It is hard to stay in a bad mood when you a smile on your face.

Life has its winners & losers, but nobody's born a winner.
You have to learn how to win. If you do not, you automatically train yourself to lose.
Losing doesn't have to be a life sentence.....We aren't born ineffective.

It is never too late to restore the dream.
All it takes is the will to top the deepest capacity that's within you, embrace it, claim it, make it your own.

True awakening is not something you jump out of bed and just do. Unless you just happen to be born perfect, it takes effort to work on yourself & grow, to correct the weaknesses & develop the combination of skills, attitudes, & personal character that add up to a winning way of life.

You cannot possibly become what you wish to be by remaining what you are.

Our disappointments are almost never anybody else's fault. They are largely our own doing, the result of failing to learn how to deal successfully with other people.

Look for personal power at home, on the job, or out in the community.
You will find people who have a knack of dealing with people in meaningful & enjoyable ways that bring personal satisfaction to all concerned.

Only when you recognize & understand that the impact of your behavior causes people to respond to you in the ways that rob you of confidence & undermine power, can you hope to find a way around your mistakes.

But understanding yourself is only half of the process. Doing something about it is the rest.



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