Friday, March 12, 2010

the silent no.....

Friday, March 12, 2010
How can you tell when you are getting the silent no from a guy??
I can hear it now, Coach Amy, What is the Silent no???
Well,'s when a guy decides he doesn't really want to see you any more and he is too coward to come right out and say it so he beats around the bush instead.

For example, he may stop calling so much hoping you will get the hint or he may start getting busier and seeing you less so he doesn't have to spell it out to you.

BUT a lot of girls do not pick up on what is going on and they do the opposite.
If he stops calling, they start calling.
If he stops coming to their place, they start going to his.
These girls make it impossible for him to break it off.

Another sign of the silent no is he still sleeps over, but there's no sex.

So in this scenario, you must listen to a man's actions instead of his words. Watch the signs once again.

Now you are asking why would he keep you around if he doesn't have strong feelings for you??
1. He's a coward~It's easier to continue than to tell you it's over. He doesn't want to hurt your feelings.
2. He's bored~ He likes you but not enough to be exclusive. If someone he really likes comes along, he will hang out with you because you keep him busy on his lonely nights.
3. He's insecure~ you validate that he is good-looking & worthy. He would rather have someone than be alone.
4. He's using you~ he calls when he needs something & it's on his terms.

Common Excuses:
I'm not sure I can handle my job & being in a relationship right now.
My ex really scarred me & I'm scared to get close to anyone.

When a guy says this we think we can help solve his problems, but counseling him and trying to change his mind will not do any good. These are not the real reasons he doesn't want to see you.
Don't make him spell it out. Be smarter than that. Don't make it harder on yourself than it has to be. Read the signs. Turn and walk away with your head held high.

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